News: Sustainable practice, the CSPA and Art AIA-Creatives/In/Residence.

We are very excited about the development of a new project – the Arts Territory Exchange Residency in Sustainable Practice will be an off shoot programme to our ‘residency by correspondence’ and has been formed in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts (CSPA). One existing ATE pairing per year will be offered the opportunity to develop and hone their practices in relation to ideas of ecology and sustainability- they will also have the chance to bring a collaborative project to fruition with tutorial support from a number of ‘expert’ academics and artists in the field and will be offered a space to meet face to face, work in a shared studio, put on their own exhibition and present their work to the public through events and talks.

This residency ‘space’ will be hosted by Art Aia- Creatives/ In/ Residence which is a cultural Centre and creative residency programme located on an eco-farm in the Friulian countryside of Northern Italy in the Province of Pordenone. Art Aia shares many crossovers with the interests of the Arts Territory Exchange including a contextual interest in the polarities between the ‘international’ and the ‘local’ and a facilitation of cultural activities which serve to remove and break down barriers to communication across borders. To this end Art Aia is strongly committed to a promotion of exchange and collaboration between artists from different nationalities and backgrounds and offers a space where artists can spend time studying, developing new projects, host workshops, seminars and hold exhibitions.

Work/rehearsal/exhibitionspace- Art Aia Italy.

 Art Aia is also an ecology centre, immersed in the Friulan territory, where it is possible to become familiar with sustainable agriculture and innovative practices of ‘eco-therapy’. They have been working with artists and academics in recent years on the theme of ‘Resilience’ within arts and ecology and continue to develop their ethos of furthering creativity as a ‘cultural resource’ within a natural setting and fostering new relationships between humanity, art and nature.

Art Aia also run an interesting venue called La Dolce Berlin in Berlin Germany where they host artists and support them in the development of their work with exhibitions and immersion in the Berlin Arts scene.

We are looking forward to developing our Arts Territory Exchange Residency in Sustainable Practice with the support of Art Aia and will be publishing more soon, including confirmation of selection panel members and details on how to apply.

logo art aia

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