Fictional territories # 01

‘Fictional Territories # 01; Australia/Germany Soundscape, 12’00’ is the first part of the ATE collaboration between artists Kim V. Goldsmith & Didi Hock. The artists say:

‘Fictional Territories # 01 is the first outcome of our distance- collaboration as part of the international Arts Territory Exchange program. While exploring definitions of “territory”, and the important role imagination plays when communicating your territory to another, we started to mix sound sketches from our “home grounds” into a sonorous piece of fiction.

The result is a territory that can‘t be defined… there are no lines on a map, no coordinates, no visual cues. Territory isn‘t rendered static in pictures or words but rather kept open to the interpretation of the listeners. There are just vibrations, hints of what might be. Wavering between what we know, what we believe, and what we wish to see; different territories emerge in the active experience of listening. Those territories are as real as they are imagined, and there are as many of them as there are listeners to the soundscape.

‘Fictional Territories # 01. Installation shot. Image credit Kim Goldsmith.

The work is showing at Charles Sturt University, Dubbo Campus, Australia from the 2nd of February to 26th March. Listen to the work here.

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